Monday, 10 September 2012

Fabulous Plans

It's fabulous getting emails and tweets from readers who love the ONDINE books. It makes the angst (and chocolate, and curry pies) of writing them all worth it.

Alas, there's no satisfying some people. They want to know when the NEXT Ondine adventure will be out. Greedy, hungry, readery people.


So here's what's going to happen.

I've written the Ondine trequel, The Winter of Magic. It's funny and emotional and swoony and magic. It's more of the same but different. It's more Hamish (yay!) more Lord Vincent (boooo!) more Infanta (uh-oh) and Mrs Howser and Melody are back. Oh yeah!

And Old Col, the world's most useless chaperone.1

And of course, plenty more Ondine coping with some weird and crazy magic. Loads of crazy. Embrace the crazy.

"But when will it be out?" I hear you cry.

In Winter. Winter 2013. The northern one.

Yep, The Winter of Magic will be ready for your reading pleasure in December 2013, to match the European (and North American, ehem) winter.


The reason it's taking so long for The Winter of Magic to go on sale is I have to get The Summer of Shambles and The Autumn Palace ready for USA ebook formats. This means changing all the spelling and fixing the two typos in book 2 and formatting for kindle, ibooks etc and getting some beautiful, new thematic covers.

Release schedule:
1:The Summer of Shambles - June 2013 in the USA
2:The Autumn Palace - September 2013 in the USA
3:The Winter of Magic - December 2013 Worldwide! 2

The first two are already available as paperbacks and kindle/ibooks etc in the UK and Australia. This is because Egmont UK has the rights to publish in commonwealth and selected territories. However, I have the rights to the USA and Japan and other places, so I'm going to make the readers happy and release the first two books in these unclaimed (!) territories ahead of the release of book 3. Before I let book 3 out in public, I will hire a couple of very clever editors to make sure it's in top shape.

Because I am also writing stacks of other books and searching for a new agent in the USA. I've written a ghost story, a time slip novel and a reboot of Robin Hood. It's all crazy, and incredibly time consuming. But I also love it and I hope you will love these books too.

1. As voted by Modern Chaperone magazine, May 2011.
2. But with USA spelling for the whole world, because if I make different versions for different English-speaking territories, it will break me.


Anita said...

Um Ebony, you referred to your new book as 'The Magic of Winter' the first time you mentioned it here then all other times you called it 'The Winter of Magic'.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Ach! Thank you for the eagle eyes.
This is why editing is so important, my eyes see what they want to see. Lol

Heather said...

Yay for more Hamish, and in the U.S.!!! I can hardly wait!

Ebony McKenna. said...

Thank you very much Heather.
Yeah, I figure the world could do with some more Hamish. I'm grinning like crazy at the moment. He's being so fabulously gorgeous. And also, the immigration department is after him. Oh noes!!!!

Stephanie @ Read In a Single Sitting said...

Oh, so excited about the third in the series! :)

Julie Manning said...

Will this be released in paperback format in australia