Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Problem Solving

Our eyes do clever things. When we look at a star, it shines so gloriously. But when we take our eyes off it and look a little to the side, the star shines that might brighter.

If I stare at a problem in my writing, I can't see the solution. But if I start thinking about other things - like looking off to thes side of a star - the answer shines clear and bright.

Today I shall be using more of my peripheral vision and waiting for answers.

How's your writing coming along?


Stephanie @ Read In a Single Sitting said...

What a beautifully written post, Ebony!

I'm working on my silly MG today (I'm letting another sit before I dive into edits), and I'm trying not to refresh my email. You know why. ;)

PS, there's a YA chat at the State Library next Tuesday evening, if you're interested. Let me know if you'd like me to send over the details. :)

Ebony McKenna. said...

Thanks Stephanie :-D

Oh yeah. I'm checking the emails as well. I'm hopeless at waiting.

Ooooh a YA chat at the state library, yes please, email me the details. Sounds fab.

Heather said...

I like that, a lot. I think I shall try it! :)