Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hello Europe, Japan, China and USA!

I'm so excited to bring the ebook editions of Ondine into 'the rest of the world' THIS MONTH!

Yes, it's June and that means the first of the Ondine novels, The Summer of Shambles, will be available in digital format in lots of new places on (drumroll, because I'm dramatic like that)

 !!!!!  Friday, June 21 !!!!!

(Meanwhile, you can still get the paperbacks of the first two Ondine novels, with free worldwide delivery, from bookdepository or Kenny's Books.)

My original contract with Egmont UK secured paperback and ebook publishing rights in the UK and Commonwealth, and several other countries throughout Europe, including Spain, Norway, Poland and Irish Republic, to name a few.

BUT, now that I'm bringing the titles out independently, I can reach other territories that previously haven't had digital access to the Ondines.

It's so much fun going through my formatting files and choosing all the countries that have previously missed out. And they are some BIG countries. Like Andorra, Moldova (they have it listed as Moldavia, but it's sort of the same, I hope!) Russia, Japan and a lil' ole place called China.

And the USA, where I've had so much fantastic support even though the books weren't officially released there. Fans, bloggers and reviewers bought the paperbacks from overseas so they could join in the magic and mayhem, and spread the word.
The pedant in me wants to point out that Macedonia is officially "FYR Macedonia" which stands for "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". Also, Moldavia should be Moldova. Really, it should. And United States should have several exclamation points after it.

So that's my exciting news. Or at least, that's my news that I'm saying is exciting. Because what is really happening is I'm sitting here at my desk, re-reading my original contract to make sure I'm not breaching it by adding a country I shouldn't, and also making sure I reach as many new readers as possible.

I will have loads more news as it comes.

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