Thursday, 28 November 2013

Latest News

So much to tell you, so little time.

News the first:
The Summer of Shambles WON the Book Junkies' Choice Awards for best debut novel (YA). This had me happy dancing for days.
Days I tell you.
I couldn't ask for a better launch for the series into the USA and the rest of the world (that hasn't already been covered by the UK and Commonwealth).

News the second:
I went to America!
This was for a fab family and friends holiday, basically to theme parks. Two crazy weeks in November. Sunshine every day, rolling fog in the evening, insanely great shows and more fun that we could poke a stick at.
We stayed at Universal Studios (ok, across the road, smarty). Disneyland (across the road again) and Las Vegas ('on' the strip, if you count a 15-minute walk to the edge of the hotel being 'on'. Man, those hotels are HUGE!).

News the third:
Ondine 3 is late. No, she's not 'late' late (she's not pregnant, silly). But she is late. The story is done, proofread, checked etc the cover is *almost* done and it's lined up for formatting. Then I got an email from the formatting company I use,, and asking that all 'Holiday' releases had to be in by November 29 to be out by the holidays, as some of their staff wanted to take holidays too.

Obviously, having been away for most of November, I've pretty much missed the deadline.
By some miracle, Ondine 3 might still come out in December, but if not, it will be January. This is still winter in the northern hemisphere, so it will fit the seasonal release.

News the fourth:
Ondine 4 will be late. I'm saying this up front, way ahead of time. Way ahead of the laughably ambitious "March" release fantasy. The story is *almost* done but needs more work. I'm working on it. The cover is not done either, but will be spectacular (obviously). The thing to remember is, I'm not putting some half-arse writing out there. It's full-arse or nothing with me.
It will be ready when it's ready.

News the fifth:
I have My First Pair of reading glasses, which I think make me look even cleverer than usual.
Anti-glare lenses (to make taking selfies easier, of course). Reasonably low magnification but if it means I can read the labels on food packages at the supermarket, I'm all for it. Things close up look marvellous, but further away is now blurry, so I'm going to be one of those dowagers looking down her nose at children. Hehehehe.

News the sixth:
My son has turned vegetarian and refuses to eat 'dead animals'. Even the ugly ones.

Happy holidays everyone.


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