Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Winter of Magic is here!

Sound the trumpets, pop the corks on the bottles of bubbly and pass the canapés, The Winter of Magic is here.

This is the trequel in the ONDINE series and I'm so happy I could burst.

"This third enthralling instalment in the young adult fantasy romance series takes a dark turn, as the country of Brugel descends into anarchy. 

Mutating magic is spreading across Europe. 'Normals' are developing supernatural powers at a startling rate and 16-year-old Ondine appears to be at the heart of it. 
To unravel the mystery, Ondine and her boyfriend (and part-time ferret) Hamish infiltrate CovenCon, a gathering of hundreds of witches presided over by wanna-be-witch-queen Mrs Howser. There, she tempts Ondine with an intriguing offer - but can Mrs Howser be trusted? It transpires the powerful witch has her claws in the arrogant royal heir Lord Vincent, in a covert bid to control all of Brugel. 
As dark magic riots break out in the nation's capital, Ondine is left with a heart-breaking choice that could tear her apart from her beloved Hamish. Forever. 
The Winter of Magic is the third novel in Ebony McKenna's comedic and wonderfully weird four-part ONDINE series. Fans will devour this spellbinding adventure, which will have readers gasping in shock and laughing with delight. Occasionally at the same time."

You can buy it from the ibookstore, Amazon, kobo and nook.

It's available worldwide too. None of that pesky "This title is not available in your territory" guff. If you want it, you grab it.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be syphoned off into the Venzelemma 2026 Winter Olympic Games bid, run by the "Board to Make Brugel Better and Beautiful" (BMB3).


Kaz Delaney said...

Looking gorgeous Ebs! Another Ondine book! Yay!!!

I love, love this cover, as I've already said.

Wishing a trillion well deserved sales! And def popping corks (oops, I accidentally just typed pooping corks - lucky I spotted the error. There are many things I'd do for you Ebs, but I'm not sure I can run to that one...)

Seriously, I wish you the most success.

Hugs, K xx

Ebony McKenna. said...

Thank you by the bucketload Kaz.
Bwahahahah, pooping corks? Is that your special party trick, lol!