Thursday, 6 March 2014

Discoverability Pt II

The reviews are starting to come in for The Winter of Magic (Ondine #3) and they're lovely. Sigh. So lovely.

Also here at Bookwitch, Ann has had loads of fun in Brugel!

But getting reviews on Amazon is only one small step. If people love a book, it's great that they leave a review. In fact, it's fabulous. But that does not translate into people finding out about the book - unless they go looking for it.

But how do people go looking for it, if they don't even know it's there?

This is where promotions have to come in.

Next week I have a promotion for The Summer of Shambles (Ondine #1), starting with Ereader News Today.
Here's how it works.
1) They encourage readers to sign up (for free)
2) They ask you to check your favourite genres
3) They send you an email each day, with reduced-price books matching the genres you checked.

For the reader, it's all win.

For a writer, it's a chance to get your title out there in front of thousands of readers who previously hadn't heard of you.

The way ENT makes their money is they charge a fee to advertisers (publishers and/or authors). But what I especially love about ENT is that their fee is based on a percentage of the number of books sold through their offer.

If I do well, they do well. If I don't, then it hasn't cost me too much in the process.

But with any luck, people will buy the (heavily) discounted book and some of them might even review it, which can only be a good thing.

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