Thursday, 13 June 2013

How's the 1,000 Words a Day Working Out?

I'm as pleased as plütz that this new writing regime is actually working.

I'm now in the fourth week of 1KPD. I'm writing 1,000 words per day, Monday to Friday and taking weekends off.

I've reached my goal (or gone a little over, which is always a bonus) for every writing day. Some days the words are easier to come by and I'm writing as fast as I can to keep up with what's playing out in my head.

Then there are the rubbish writing days. Yesterday was awful - but I forced myself because nobody else will write this book for me. The words are probably terrible, but I can fix bad words.

It's Thursday now, and I'm not going to stop until I've added at least another 1,000 words to 'Ondine 4' file. Old Col in uncharacteristically snappish. This has Ondine very worried because although her great auntie is a lovely woman and delightfully mad, she's starting to become a big old meanie and that's not like her. This of course means that SOMETHING IS UP! (Should I let you in on a secret? I don't actually know what that something is, but I'm sure Col will tell me at some point).

Meanwhile, here's a progress report on the USA/Japan/Russia/China/Moldova ebook edition.
Nearly there!

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Ebony McKenna. said...

That bit at the bottom that says 'you will receive an email when it is complete'? Yes, I'm checking the email about five times a day.