Thursday, 4 July 2013

Easter Eggs

Not everything is about (buy my book) constantly pushing the Ondine series.

Sometimes I write and walk away. Because it's fun. Or because it's the rebel in me.
Like the time Amazon decided to delete book reviews written by authors, because we're not impartial or something.

My reaction, apart from complaining to my writer friends, was this bon mot: Because Amazon might try and stop me reviewing books, but they can't stop me reviewing white goods!

Today, I got this email in response and it's made my day.

"I don't know your literary works nor considering their genre am I likely to become introduced to them.  But as one who partakes in some creative writing myself, I have to tell you I have certainly never read a more amusing review of a washing machine (your Electrolux on Amazon).
Oh, the giddy majesty of it all!
You brought a smile to my and my wife's face amidst of the dismay of plodding through legions of (from the typical review) mostly-hated laundry devices.
(No, we didn't buy that one, but you get the idea..)

You know something? I think I used my writing for good today!
What else can I review? ooooh, the vacuum cleaner!
*runs off*

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