Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Autumn Palace Cover Reveal

It's here!

I thought I was going to die from impatience.

Instead, I can die happy.

Here is the cover for the second Ondine novel, The Autumn Palace.

It will be out in September in all digital formats, in all kinds of happy places like the USA, Russia, China, Japan and Moldova.

And one more thing. See that tornado heading Ondine's way? Have a closer look at the debris.

Those things in the sky are ....

wait, hang on. I want you to tell me what the things are in the sky. (No, not the flying leaves and dust, the OTHER things.)

Best answers will get gift ebooks from me, because I'm so excited I'm giving my book away to celebrate.

Should I have put that at the top?


T.F. Walsh said...

Firstly, I love the cover... so awesome. Secondly...hmmm I'm thinking it's fish:)

Ebony McKenna. said...

Wow, TF, I love the way you're thinking.
Because you're right!

There are fish in the tornado.
If you email me at
Author (@) ebonymckenna dot com
I'll send you a kindle copy of the first two books.

Thanks for playing :-)

Margaret M said...

Beautiful cover, magic!!

I know you said they are fish but it could have been ravens or bats from the belfry! :-)


Emmie Dark said...

I thought they were wine bottles. Yummy, full, red wine bottles. But that might be wishful thinking... ;)

Great cover! I personally love the little sparkles around Ondine's case -- something magical is going on.


Ebony McKenna. said...

Thank you so much Margaret. It's so good to be almost ready to send this out into the USA and all the other countries that haven't had the fun of Ondine yet.

The next book is going out to the whole world! I'd better come up with something super gorgeous for that as well.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Emmie, I love the way you think. although I'm worried the wine bottles would be downright dangerous when they landed on you!

Then again, they'd be magic wine bottles, so they'd never break. You are brilliant!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ebony,
The cover is stunning. Best of luck with all your ventures.

Best wishes


Ebony McKenna. said...

Thanks so much Margaret, I am thrilled with it.