Thursday, 6 November 2014

Brave New World

How cool was my high school eh? Well, my year 11 English Teacher at any rate. He gave us Aldous Huxley's Brave New World to read that year and it totally rocked my world.

I loved the idea of compartmentalising people into tribes, so they knew what was expected of them and everyone had a place. And of course, the story kicks off because several people feel out of place, like they don't fit in. Hehehehe. I read it in high school, then again about 10 years later and it held up really well. I wonder if I read it again, will I feel the same? I hope so!

I developed a taste for science fiction early on (I may have mentioned Dr Who once or twice in these posts) and I still love it. I may read far more romances these days, but I love a rocking good sci-fi series, like Hunger Games and Michael Grant's Gone series. Oh, sorry, Hunger Games is speculative fiction? Call it what you want, it's ain't reality, right?

I have a few science fiction manuscripts in the 'bottom drawer' . . . perhaps never to see the light of day.
Every now and then I think about getting them out and giving them a good shake, to see if I can get them into shape. That could be fun.

Do you have some science fiction favourites? HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy maybe? Red Dwarf? Dune (maybe the first two, before they got a bit soggy.)

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