Thursday, 31 January 2013

I Will (Survive) Still Need an ITIN

An ITIN is an Individual Taxation Identification Number that you get from the IRS, which stands for Inland Revenue Service. That's the USA's tax department.

 If you earn money in the USA but are a non-resident (ie, you live in 'The rest of the world' and you don't have a social security number) you will most likely need an ITIN. I will need one.

Here's a page about ITINs from the IRS with frequently asked questions. Make yourself a cuppa and read it.
OK, two cuppas. Here's the page of updated 2013 FAQs.
And a Tim Tam.

If you are planning on earning income from the US, (ie, selling ebooks on amazon, perchance) you don't want the hassle of the IRS withholding money . . . or auditing you.

Reading through the FAQs, I discover I am a 'non-resident alien'. Oh the LOLZ!

Off to make another cuppa.

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