Saturday, 15 November 2014

If I admit how much I love Taylor Swift, will it make her uncool?

Because she is made of awesome. I love how she's driving her career, how she's handling fame, how she's writing songs making fun of herself. How she handled John Cleese's sexist faux pas while on The Graham Norton Show.

Her earlier stuff killed me. No, seriously. The number of times I died trying to sing Love Story. How does she sing non stop through the chorus without getting a collapsed lung?

Now her fifth album is out and she's only 24!

I think it's fair to say she's found out early what she's good at and she's nailing it!

Today, I found this, and she blew me away all over again. She's in a car with Greg James, a DJ from BBC1 radio, lip synching Blank Space, air drumming, acting, overacting, shoulder dancing and having fun.

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